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Dental Computer SystemEstimates show that the average person receives a staggering 88 emails each day, and send out 34 emails personally. With our dependence on email for communication in the business and personal world, it is vital that you are sending and receiving emails in a safe manner. The need for email safety and protection takes on a new meaning for dental professionals who regularly deal with confidential patient information.

Don’t Be Part of the Next Major Hack
It has become a relatively common news story to hear about a major email provider’s security being breached. Major corporations such as Yahoo have been hit with large-scale hacking operations. It is necessary to use a private e-mail address as an added layer of defense. Private emails are less likely to be hacked. When the next major hacking story breaks, you can continue working without missing a beat knowing your communications and your client’s information are safe.

Keep Private Information Private
As a dental professional, it is also important to protect pertinent and confidential correspondence and forms sent between your practice and patients. Confidential, sensitive medical data and records should always be sent in encrypted email. This layer of protection helps keep patient information and data safe. Never send important medical information in a non-encrypted email.

Our team is here to help you establish a secure, reliable method for sending and receiving e-mails. You don’t need to be a computer expert to understand the need for safe email correspondence. Our team is experienced in setting up domains and email accounts. We will take care of your practice and complete an installation on your office computers, phones, and tablets. Be proactive in your defense of your practice and patients. Contact our team today before it’s too late.