Dental I.T. Solutions

Everyone uses e-mail today.  However, it’s amazing how many professionals still use Yahoo, Hot Mail, G-Mail or other publicly hosted e-mail.  In today’s competitive market, you are shooting yourself in the foot if you use a free e-mail account with your business.  Why?  Often perspective clients perceive a professional as not very confident in his practice, if the practitioner doesn’t bother to create a domain and have a web presence and a private e-mail address.  While this isn’t the usually the case, it is however the impression often perceived by a perspective new client.  You only get one chance to set a first impression.

The other reason you need private e-mail is for security reasons. We often hear about big brand’s free e-mail getting hacked.  Hacking private e-mail is less likely. Also, many practitioners need to transmit sensitive material to and from clients or patients, or to colleagues.  Sensitive data should always be sent with an Encrypted e-mail, which is available for private e-mail accounts, but not with the free services.

We know that often our clients just don’t have the time to deal with setting up a domain, or e-mail.  That’s why you hire us.  We can take care of this for you and install it on your work computers, phones and tablets and get you into the 21st Century.

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