Network Refresh


Are your computers getting “long in the tooth?” If so, Vital Technology can help. Some companies claim a computer is only as good as long as it is in warranty. At VTG we think this is rubbish.  However, we do live by few simple rules on when you should replace your computer equipment.

  • If your computers are so slow that it is affecting you and your staff’s ability to work efficiently, then it’s time to upgrade.
  • If your systems are running an operating system that is past “end of life” such as Windows XP, then it’s past time to upgrade.
  • If you are no longer installing upgrades to your dental practice management or dental imaging software, because your hardware isn’t sufficient enough to handle the new version, then it’s time to upgrade.
  • If your workstations are 6 years or older and fail, then it’s time to upgrade to a new workstation. Don’t spend good money on a bad and outdated system.
  • If your server is 5 years or older, then it’s time to replace it. Sometimes we get resistance here, because if it’s working fine, people don’t like to fix that which isn’t broke.  While there is some logic with this thinking, we look at it like this: If your server fails, and has to be replaced, then what does it cost to be down, and not able to work while you are without a server? In most cases, the lost production is substantial enough to warrant replacing your server every 5 years. This will dramatically effect the odds in your favor that you don’t ever loose a day of production over a server failure.

VTG proudly claims to have among the fastest most reliable computers in the market place. Call now for a quote at 855.344.4337.

Our computer systems are free of junk-ware that you typically get when buying a new computer. This means our systems are not cluttered up with “share-ware” and “trial-ware” with products that you will never use.

Our systems are all solid state and built to medical grade specifications. All computers come with a 3 year on-site warranty. If you also happen to be on a maintenance plan and need warranty service, then re-installing and configuring your system with your offices’ practice management and imaging software is also dealt with, without additional charges.